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6 Cost-Efficient Ways to Save Energy

As a landlord, you can improve your tenants’ satisfaction and the attractiveness of your building to renters by investing in energy efficiency. As renters become more informed, they increasingly look for buildings where they can live comfortably while paying less for energy.  Energy efficiency investments will also add value to the property and increase its marketability.

Energy Saving Tips:

  1. Lighting is a great place to start. Update light fixtures in the building especially common areas with more energy-efficient fixtures, and be sure to change out your incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs. These use 75% less energy and last 6-10 times longer than a traditional bulb, which saves money on both energy and replacement costs. Advise tenants to turn off light when they leave their rooms.
  2. If you can, install a programmable thermostat. This adjusts the temperature while tenants are out, so heating and cooling can be controlled.
  3. If furniture is provided, arrange furniture such that it is not blocking air registers, allowing for free circulation. If the room has radiators, place a heat-resistant reflector between radiators and walls to ensure that air circulates into the room rather than into the wall.
  4. If residents consider purchasing a room air conditioner or as the landlord you furnish it be sure to purchase an ENERGY STAR qualified model. They use at least 10 percent less energy than standard models. In the winter these AC's can be removed from the window to prevent heat losses. Be sure the window unit fits tightly in the window so outdoor air is not getting in.
  5. If the building is older, it might be time to update the windows and doors – make sure windows are double-paned and well-sealed. Look at their ENERGY STAR rating before you buy. Even if you’re not in the market for new windows, check the sealant around the windows and replace as necessary. Cold air can seep in and out through small cracks, so it’s important to have tight seals.
  6. When you go to replace appliances or large equipment like boilers, stoves, refrigerators or air conditioning units, be sure to check for ENERGY STAR labels. There are a number of rebates available for the purchase of such energy-efficient appliances, information about which can be found on this website. For more information on ENERGY STAR products click here. Information on tax credits are available here.

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Your tenant has a fixed rent and doesn't pay utilities? Learn how to bring those sky high bills back to the ground.

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